Smart Hands On Demand - IT Support

Smart Hands Technician Team

Smart Hands On Demand - IT Support

Our Smart Hands Services & Support allows you to tap into our extensive network of certified and skilled engineers across the globe. Once we know your requirement, our Smart Hands technician will work along-side your remote team to troubleshoot and resolve any onsite issues. The local team of engineers is available to assist with any IMAC (installations, moves, additions, changes) assistance you require.

24/7, 365 day on-site IT support
Cost-effective pricing with no hidden middle men
Skilled engineers with local knowledge + languages
Replacement parts if coupled with our Break Fix Support
Break Fix Maintenance
Provide on-site technical assistance
Test carrier circuits

Our multi-vendor, third party break fix support offers a post-warranty hardware support service that covers the complete IT infrastructure. We provide an end to end maintenance solution, from the desktop to the datacenter – we support:
Network devices
End User devices
Telecommunication equipment
Wireless network devices
Audiovisual equipment
EPOS systems and much more.

Maintaining the right skillsets in the right locations is often a limiting factor of an organization’s growth plans, but that doesn’t need to be the case any longer. No more needing to pay for stagnant technical resources in one region while frantically searching for additional resources in another. Depending on your organization’s needs, we can fill in critical gaps in your current operations, or expand your existing operations to new regions, opening the gates for market expansion.